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Help to protect Swindon’s undervalued environment

Green spaces and rural areas are vital to protect as an economic and social asset.

  • 8 January 2019
  • Author: John Warr
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Help to protect Swindon’s undervalued environment

Residents in opposition to the “Science Park” application: Wanborough Village Hall Thursday 10th January 2018 8.30pm

Help to protect Swindon’s undervalued environment – its green spaces and rural areas are vital to protect as an economic and social asset.

Thursday sees the second meeting of residents and local community interest groups to review the hybrid planning application proposal validated by SBC on 14th December, that is trying to sell itself as a ‘Science Park’ on the edge of Wanborough.

This application is submitted by Wasdell, a pharmaceutical packaging company, for is siting between Wanborough and the adjoining North Wessex Downs Area of Natural Beauty (AONB).

The proposed site of 40 hectares; between the AONB (Pack Hill) and The Marsh (just off Commonhead roundabout) is as large as the village of Wanborough.

The proposal includes full planning application for a huge 33,000 sq.m. B&Q / Symmetry Park style 14.5 m (47.5 ft.) high Industrial Warehousing and distribution facility that would run parallel to The Marsh and alongside much of Pack Hill.

As well as the several hundred articulated vehicle movements from loading bays alongside Pack Hill each day the 24x7 facility would require 600 employees to commute to and from Wanborough.

Notably, the site sits within an area of Non- Coalescence (NC3), with designated protection within Swindon’s Local Plan 2026. Formally a Green belt area, the local plan was drawn up to protect our rural neighbourhood of South Swindon from ribbon development and the spread of urban Swindon

This proposal is an example of how land promoters actively search out opportunities to exploit the planning system and work against local wishes at the expense of communities and their countryside.

It makes a mockery of the planning process.  Which area both in and around Swindon will fall fail of poor governance next?

The stewardship of our countryside is vital to protect against light, traffic and noise pollution, preserve the tranquillity and character of our green spaces – to the benefit and wellbeing of everyone regardless where they live.

Wanborough Liddington and the Ridgeway villages are a rural asset to Swindon, with their sporting clubs, pubs, horse riding, walking routes, and country shows enjoyed by many so close to hand.

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