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Launch of South Swindon Protection Group (SSPG)

Press Brief - 9th November 2018

  • 9 November 2018
  • Author: John Warr
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Launch of South Swindon Protection Group (SSPG)

PRESS BRIEF – 9th November 2018

Launch of South Swindon Protection Group (SSPG)
Monday 12th January marks the launch of the South Swindon Protection Group (SSPG) – a rural protection group being set up by locals in response to a proposal by Wasdell Properties (Wasdell Group) to build 3 industrial units over 3 phases in fields between Wanborough and the North Wessex Downs AONB.

The designated area sits within an area of Non-Coalescence (NC3) within Swindon’s Local Plan 2026.  Along the AONB (Pack Hill), it straddles the fields between The Marsh, Lower Wanborough, up to the village of Wanborough – and at 40 hectacres will be larger than the village itself.


The proposal is for a “Science Park” which is disingenuous – it’s an industrial proposal with some specialised manufacturing, 24 hour operation and distribution.

The Local Plan Review proposes no changes to NC3 or policies map - this proposal makes a mockery of the planning process.

This is part of the same plan that has already allocated;

  • 40 hectacres of employment land
  • 8,000 homes and employment land at the “New Eastern Villages”, in order to stop all but small scale development in the countryside.

The resulting impact on South Swindon area and environment will be significant and detrimental:

  • Flooding is a serious problem across this site and the wider area
  • The protected route for the Canal runs through it
  • A 24 hour operating facility with the resulting flood, lighting, air quality, waste and noise pollution.
  • Heavy traffic and rat running will escalate all around the area.

Covingham, Wanborough, Liddington and the A346 are already suffering from heavy traffic, particularly when there are issues on the A419, and these roads are not built for large vehicles.

  • There are no proposals for an access strategy to A419 (Commonhead) junction or J15 M5 arising from increased vehicle movements of logistic vehicles and employees on a daily basis.
  • Effects on the setting of heritage assets including long distance views and light spill on the landscapes of AONB, Liddington Castle and the Ridgeway national trail. Key areas of Lower Wanborough Conservation area and Upper Wanborough are street-light free.
  • Wildlife and ecology; is east of Coate Water and within the impact zone of an area of Specific Scientific Interest.

We care passionate about protecting what little rural environment exists around Swindon

This is a campaign with longer term objectives to Protect Rural South Swindon – starting with the opposition of this development until the application is withdrawn or declined.

Our Launch is on Monday 12th November, at Wanborough Village Hall, starting at 7.30pm.

Contact is as follows;


John Warr, Mail;, Tel; 07956 306940

Website:   Facebook:



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