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Application resubmitted for an Industrial Park at Inlands Farm

Wasdell Properties apply for a Warehousing and Distribution Centre and outline plans for a "Science Park"

  • 15 May 2020
  • Author: John Warr
  • Number of views: 1784
Application resubmitted for an Industrial Park at Inlands Farm

Wasdell Properties have in the last 2 weeks submitted over 150 documents to support a revised hybrid application, consisting of a full planning application for a huge Warehouse and Distribution centre and an outline application for a Second Warehouse and a set of buildings which it claims will form a Science Park on a green field site at Inlands Farm.

The application is in essence the same as the application last year and still consists of 33,507 sqm (GIA) of Use Class B1c (light industrial), with associated access, parking, landscaping and drainage in phase 1 (Blue), and an outline proposal for a further 48,000sqm (GIA) of mixed research and development and light industrial use buildings for phase 2 (Red).

The SSPG is still wading through the documents, but essentially the difference between the applications are:

  • Access to the site will now be wholly via the SCR, removing the need for access via Pack Hill
  • The living wall concept to screen the buildings has been dropped in favour of Green paints and the eaves, have been lowered slightly, (Still 12.5m – as high as St Andrews Church or 4 double decker buses)
  • New reports to support the application have been submitted on employment land availability, bio diversity and principles to consider on setting up a Science Park.

Based on review of documents to date, our view is that the grounds for objection raised last year are still valid, but some will need to be updated based on the new documentation.


Residents have until June 19th to formerly lodge an objection. In the coming days the SSPG will provide additional updates on the application and will issue guidance to residents on our concerns so you can formulate your own response.

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