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Application for Science Park has been submitted

Hybrid Planning Application S/OUT/18/1943 at Inlands Farm

  • 28 December 2018
  • Author: John Warr
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Application for Science Park has been submitted

Wasdell Properties and Turleys have submitted a hybrid planning application for a gigantic B&Q / Symmetry Park style 50ft high, 33,500 sqm Warehousing and Distribution facility as part of a phase 1 full planning application that abutts and is accessed via Pack Hill with outline planning for a further 48,000 sqm of building space for another huge warehousing and distribution unit as well as some  R&D facilities. 

Phase 1 is a full planning application for a single large warehouse and distribution facility on one quarter of the site, on the southern boundary against Pack Hill and abutting the AONB. This 33,000m2 unit rises 15m into the sky and allows parking for 150 cars, includes a gatehouse and driver facility, with room for about 20 articulated lorries.  Wasdell are looking for FULL planning to deliver this as part of phase 1 and clearly claim this will protect their 600 jobs.  Access will be via Pack Hill just beyond the sharp cormer.

Phase 2 is outline permisison only and covers the other 3/4 of the site. It inlcudes a further 16,000sqm of Warehouisng and Distribution, plus 32,000sqm of building space suitable for R&D activity. 

Their hybrid proposal includes:

  • full planning application for a huge 33,500sqm B&Q / Symmetry Park style 50’ high Industrial Warehousing and distribution facility that runs half the length of the Marsh and up most of Pack Hill.
  • The application details loading bays for articulated lorries with a managed gated entrance onto Packhill.
  • As well as the several hundred articulated vehicle movements each day, The 24x7 facility will require  600 packers and low skilled workers to commute to Wanborough.
  • The application includes outline planning for a further massive warehouse and distribution facility, as well as some large buildings that could be used for Research and Design. (to become a Science Park? subjectof couerse to demand).
  •  This second phase, which includes cycle paths, landscaping, ponds and flood prevention initiatives is not expected to be started until after the main warehouse and distribution  facility is operational and is subject to full planning approval.
  • This application is sited between  Wanborough and adjoins the North Wessex Downs Area of Natural Beauty (AONB).  The site also sits within an area of Non-Coalescence (NC3), with designated protection within Swindon’s local Plan 2026.  The proposed site of 40 hectares; between the AONB (Pack Hill) and the Marsh (just off Commonhead roundabout) is as big as the village of Wanborough itself.

The applicant has offered a cycle way to run parallel along packhill (part of the 30m buffer between the development and Pack Hill). And is offering to provide for some cycle way from Common head to the proposed development. They are offering to fund a new bus stop, but accept public transport is an issue.

SSPG is opposed to this development and ask residents of South Swindon to put in writing their oppostion to this proposal. SSPG will be holding meetings and objection writing clinics throughout January.

More details to follow.

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