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The Appeal and how you can help?

Supporting our efforts to reject the Inlands Farm Appeal

  • 9 April 2021
  • Author: John Warr
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The Appeal and how you can help?

Wasdell appeal to Inlands Farm Dates are set - How you can help

The appeal dates are set. There will be a VIRTUAL public enquiry by the Planning Inspectorate that runs from the 15th June for 3 weeks. The appeal will consider the economic benefits of the speculative development and balance them against the harm to our rural life, impact on the environment and the AONB and consequential urbanisation of South Swindon.

What will happen?
You will remember in August 2020 the SBC planning Committee overwhelmingly rejected the application as “an unsustainable form of development on a greenfield site”. Wasdell’s planning application for a ‘Science Park’ on Inlands Farm contravened no less than 20 irregularities with Planning regulations.

At the appeal the refusal of the application will be vigourously defended by Swindon Borough Council and their legal advisors and they will strongly uphold their rejection decision.

Nothing has changed in terms of the many planning reasons for rejecting the proposal.  What has changed is that this appeal will be heard by the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. The appellant will doubtless attempt to circumvent SBC’s carefully crafted Local Plan to 2027, allocating as it does plentiful industrial land to satisfy all the development needs for industrial and commercial use in the Swindon area.

Representations will also be made by our Ward Councillor, Gary Sumner, and the national agencies who opposed the original proposal on technical planning grounds, including the The National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Campaign for Rural England will support with their original objections. 

Follwing legal argument from both sides a decision will be taken by the planning inspector.

How can you help?

SSPG on behalf of the residents of South Swindon will ask to make representations at the appeal. As well as pressing the oppostion to the development by the residents of South Swindon, we need to defend a body of evidence submitted in response to the application and which the applicant has openly challenged. 

Time is short and first we urgently need to raise funds - Donate Now

In the last round of our fight against this speculative application we, with your help, raised awareness of the planning, economic and environmental issues.  With local residents’ generous help we were able to raise some £7,000 in donations to support our opposition to the original proposal. That money was carefully targeted at a number of areas, which included:

  • £2,000 spent on communications to inform people and organisations on the facts, and encourage opposition to Wasdell’s application for a supposed ‘Science park’ on Inlands Farm
  • £4,000 was spent on commissioning independent specialist experts and reports, submitted to add weight to the arguments for opposition, creating a case that the planners and the planning committee could not ignore.

SSPG was highly successful in building overwhelming support with the highest number of objections ever received by SBC on any planning application. As a result, and because of the flaws in the proposal, SBC overwhelmingly refused their application. 

Whilst our previous evidence still holds good, and will be added to the information made available to the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State, we also have the opportunity to present additional evidence by 26th April, and we have already begun commissioning this work. 

We see one or two important gaps in the details, and just as we did last time, we wish to commission topic experts to inform and advise the Planning Inspectorate and Secretary of State.

To achieve this quickly, and to make a difference once again, we urgently need your help to raise a £15,000 fighting fund to oppose this Appeal to the Secretary of State on SBC’s decision.   

So once again we need YOUR HELP to pay for this.

Please donate as soon as you can via the GoFundMe page at or email for our bank details to accept a direct transfer.

Rest assured the SSPG will not cease in its energetic and focused opposition to this proposal

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