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Wasdell to Appeal Inlands Farm Rejection Decision

Wasdell to Appeal Inlands Farm Rejection Decision

Swindon Advertiser story covering Wasdells decision to appeal against refusal of planning application at Inlands Farm

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SSPG AGM and Update

Virtual Zoom Meeting, Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Short AGM followed by open public meeting to update residents on the Inlands Farm Appeal.

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Over 600 objectionswere lodged against the application last year. The SSPG is reviewing the 150 documents submitted with the new application.
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Demonstration at Hoopers Field

Sunday 27th January 2019 at 2.00pm

Outdoor demonstration for 1 hour, with a spectualr publicity acticvity planned. Detailso n the day. Allow 1 hour suggest you warap up and wear boots.

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